Healthy Relationships

Your Rights & Responsibilities in Relationships

In order to all get along, we must have certain expectations about how we want to be treated and how we will treat others.

You have the right to be healthy and happy.

You have the responsibility to not interfere with others’ happiness.

You have the right to be yourself.

You have the responsibility to let other people be themselves.

You have the right to say “no.”

You have the responsibility to be honest with other people.

You have the right to feel comfortable.

You have the responsibility to not humiliate, degrade, or injure other people who are trying to feel comfortable.

You have the right to feel safe and secure.

You have the responsibility to communicate in a way that is not blaming or shaming.

You have the right to ask for help if you are being abused.

You have the responsibility to try and help a friend that asks you for help.

You have the right to be believed if you do ask for help.

You have the responsibility to not treat others who are trying to get help with shame or blame.

Making Healthy Decisions

  • Review your priorities regularly.
  • Revise your priorities as needed.
  • Decide where you stand on tough issues and communicate your boundaries to people that you’re in a relationship with.
  • Take the time that you need to make important decisions in a relationship.
  • A person that cares about you will respect your boundaries and your need to balance the relationship with other important parts of your life.
  • Steer away from making choices that will keep you from reaching your goals.
  • If you’re having frequent arguments with someone that inappropriately loses their temper, this is a red flag. It usually doesn’t get better without help.
  • If you’re having trouble making a decision, ask the opinion of someone you trust.
  • Trust your instincts if something is making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Get help from an adult you trust if you find yourself in a situation where you could get hurt.
  • Understand that making a good choice about a relationship may not always be an easy choice. Don’t be afraid to make the choice that’s right for you.

What Are Your Priorities in a Relationship?

  • Maturely handles any conflicts they may have with me
  • Looks for and encourages the best in me
  • Respects my parents and family
  • Treats me with respect
  • Likes to do the same things as me
  • Supports me when I am feeling down
  • Respects my morals and values
  • Is willing to have a give-and-take relationship
  • Listens to and understands me
  • Is a responsible and dependable person
  • Communicates honestly with me
  • Helps me make good decisions and healthy choices

Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship

A limit that you set for your body, your behavior, and what you will and won’t accept in a relationship

Speaking the truth to someone while remaining sensitive to their feelings

Giving and receiving respect is a healthy characteristic

Good Communication
Talking about your feelings without yelling, cursing, or threatening when someone has made you angry

A healthy relationship is in balance with all the other activities in your life

Expecting and receiving positive behavior from the person you’re in a relationship with is the foundation of a healthy relationship

Each person should support the activities and relationships in the life of the other person

You don’t always have to be texting, talking to, or with the other person to feel secure about your relationship

Sensitive to Needs of Others
Be sensitive to what the other person needs, and they should do the same for you. This means you don’t always get your way or your first choice. In a healthy relationship, individuals learn to communicate, compromise, and take turns.

How Should Someone Be Treated in a Relationship?


  • Treated honestly
  • Respected
  • Encouraged
  • Supported
  • Needed
  • Nurtured
  • Taken care of
  • Provided for
  • Treated as an equal
  • Loved
  • Committed to
  • Treated like a best friend
  • excited
  • Cared for
  • Impressed
  • Trusted
  • Protected
  • Treated fairly
  • Treated like a king or queen
  • Made to laugh
  • Understood
  • Admired